Our specialties partners are important to us.   We accomplish a lot together.  This year we are hosting these exciting specialties: 

BC German Shepherd Dog Club

German Shepherd Club of Canada

Metro Valley Afghan Club; Specialty for Afghans, Sweepstake

Miniature Dachshund Club of BC;  Specialty for all Miniature Dachshunds, Junior Handling and Sweepstakes - July 28, 2018

Western Gazehound Club;  Specialty for All Gazehounds and Sweepstake

These shows are held under the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club and are un-benched and unexamined

 Please DO NOT leave your dog in the car for any length of time or reason.  

Although we love all dogs please keep dogs not entered in the show at home.  

 In compliance with CKC rules dogs not entered in the show are not allowed on the show grounds, and besides we suspect they would rather be snoozing on a cool couch at home. Thanks.